We’re always looking for new ways to expand and develop our activities in a wide range of mediums and manners. Over the years we have worked with a multitude of partners on a variety of different projects, exhibiting in spaces both public and private and in countries both near and far. Below are some examples of past and ongoing projects which we’ve been involved in:

Solo and group exhibitions are a fantastic way to present the work of an artist to a large audience. We’ve partnered with premium brands like Rémy Martin and organised top London-based shows, as well as working with innovative furniture retailers such as Visionnaire in Milan and Bologna.

Not content with simply showcasing our artists’ work on home soil, we also regularly participate in many high-profile art fairs around the world, including locations as diverse as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore and even Beijing.

We also specialise in creating Gallery in Residence programmes, through which we create spaces in unique venues (such as five-star hotels) to showcase the talents of our artists over an extended period of time. One particular example is the ongoing collaboration we enjoy with Le Meridien Hotel in London, which has hosted series from photographers such as Brad Wilson and Peter Arnolds in the past, and is a fine paradigm of how our artwork can integrate seamlessly with a fantastic venue on a regular basis.

They say that restrictions breed creativity, and producing an artwork which adheres to specific requirements is always an exciting challenge for an artist. We have worked on several such commissions of this kind in the past, for both private collectors and public companies. One notable example was the project we worked on with Paul Ratigan in Searcys restaurant at the Gherkin. During the artist’s residency in this iconic building, we oversaw his creation of a bespoke piece of double-panel artwork in the main restaurant.

Helping to develop art projects is another important part of our activities. Notable exhibitions we have overseen include “Regenerating Capital”, a project for Roca London Gallery which comprised part of London Design Week. We managed all aspects of the exhibition, from artist selection to exhibition design, as well as curating talks with experienced professionals in the field of regeneration and organising all promotional material.

One of our favourite methods of working is to develop partnerships with artists and organisations to create specific projects. For example, we were afforded the rare opportunity of granting our artist Paul Ratigan special access to the enormous London Crossrail project, in order to photograph and document its ongoing progress. This is just one of many partnerships we endeavour to undertake.

Decorating hospitality venues is a fantastic challenge. Finding artworks that will perfectly integrate into the space, while simultaneously respecting the spirit of the venue and the event taking place there, is a uniquely rewarding endeavour and one which we always relish.

Working closely with an interior designer is one of our preferred ways of bringing artworks to a private, public or professional space. We view it as the best way of achieving the perfect harmony between the artwork and its environment. Because our artworks convey only positive values and fine aesthetics, it’s clear that the two are an ideal pairing.

We work closely with the artists we represent to produce books and portfolios based on their artworks. We believe that the more we can showcase the work of an artist and allow it to do the talking, the better.

We offer our clients guidance and advice in managing their collections. This includes general management of the artwork and its valuation, as well as facilitating its sale if the client decides to part with their collection. Through our collaborations with auction houses in London and Paris, we are able to provide access to exclusive markets and channels.