Peter Arnold’s stunning collection of photographs captures the unique perfection of flowers. From an intense close-up of a single, delicate petal to a fabulous swirl of vibrant colour, Peter’s images offer the viewer a dramatic new perspective on natural beauty.

Peter approached his subjects as if he was photographing beautiful women, bringing out the fine textures and characteristics of individual blossoms.

His fascination with light and its effect on objects and landscapes as well as his obsession with the way it can magnify the subjects he portrays can be seen throughout his work.

‘Flowers’ has become Peter’s trademark. He has travelled the world photographing many species in all of their vibrant colours and sensual shapes. You will find him busy at London’s Flower Shows each year, starting work at the crack of dawn to catch the early morning light.

Peter Arnold has produced five beautiful, best-selling coffee table books including ‘Orchids’, ‘Bulbs in Bloom’ and ‘Tulips’ – the last one boasting a foreword by Sir Elton John and given as a gift by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to her guests.

“Peter Arnold’s Tulips series is a perfect fusion of the natural beauty of flowers and the technical mastery of an accomplished fine art photographer” says Sir Elton John.

Peter Arnold

Peter Arnold began his career in Fashion and Beauty in Australia, but it was his stunning flower studies that first received attention on the international art scene.

Over the years, Peter has won more than a dozen coveted Gold Awards presented by the prestigious Graphis Inc. company in New York. He also recently received, for his ‘Midnight Dunes’ series, an International Photography Award in the U.S. His work has hung in Museums and Corporations across the globe, in New York, Los Angeles, Japan and London.

His client list reads like a Who’s Who of the art, fashion and business worlds, and he has collaborated with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Walt Disney and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

He was recently chosen to produce large photographic works as a backdrop to one of this year’s biggest Hollywood films – ‘Hummingbird’ – a thriller featuring Jason Statham.

His images continue to be used by many famous designers and interior decorators.

Peter divides his time between London, America and Asia.

The Prints

C-prints on Fuji matt paper.
Mounted on Diasec or White box framed.

Edition & Sizes

16″ x 16″ (40 x 40 cm) edition of 15
33″ x 33″ (85 x 85 cm) edition of 15


Two minutes with Peter Arnold

Artworks in this series