Where the models become the painting canvas

Painters Project is a unique meeting between the human form, its artistic interpretation by the painter and the camera lens. In a series of shoots, Eric offers some of the world’s most forward-thinking artists the chance to work with the best models hand-selected from throughout his career, using their bodies as the canvas upon which the art is created. Though he does not direct their visions, he is on hand to document them with his stunning photography, resulting in a gallery of artwork like no other.

Eric uses the exciting and rewarding approach of mixing different tools and instruments, and blending different disciplines in order to produce unique and surprising creations. An uncommon practice that contradicts the solitude of the artist, Eric creates an original series in this way.

Collaborating with the best models he has worked with over his career, Eric makes them his canvas in this ongoing collection. The artists he works with are offered an escape into unknown territory, having to get accustomed to a new environment, unfamiliar lighting, and a canvas that is alive and breathing. They adapt to movements and poses, and the overall collaboration of the model, the photographer and the artist achieve a true masterpiece.

There are to be 100 meetings in this collection, with artists from the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Switzerland, the US and China among others, creating a truly borderless artwork.

See more of Eric’s PAINTERS collection here

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