The photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico is proud to announce that it will be showcasing the ‘Affinity’ series photographed by Brad Wilson from December 1st – January 21st 2017.

The exhibition will showcase 22 artworks in total, with four larger images and 18 smaller ones. The highlights include Brad Wilson’s cheetah, black leopard and mountain lion, as well as a beautiful raven.

At one with nature

After more than ten years of living in New York, Brad moved to the capital of New Mexico in 2004 and turned his attention to the serene yet rugged beauty surrounding him in this desert-dominated state. Through these endeavours, the awe-inspiring ‘Affinity’ series was born and has since enjoyed worldwide acclaim.

Earlier this month, he visited the Albuquerque Zoo in New Mexico, photographing 15 different species. He concentrated mostly on reptiles (such as pit vipers) and birds (like parrots and macaws), but his attention was particularly piqued by another member of the avian kingdom.

“Among others, I photographed a red-tailed hawk. It was a beautiful bird: very majestic, very noble, very calm. She was probably the best model of all the birds I photographed,” he explained. “She looked at me in all kind of different ways… normally birds don’t look at you, but she showed me different expressions. She seemed very relaxed and confident. I managed to get so many beautiful photographs of her.”

Popular all over the world

Brad Wilson’s ‘Affinity’ series has been a global phenomenon, with several of his photos being used in marketing campaigns by tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft. It has also been in residency at the Visionnaire Exhibition in Bologna, Italy since the beginning of this year. Though it was due to close at the end of March, its enduring popularity has led to it still being open today.

To keep tabs on all of Brad’s ongoing exploits, including a planned excursion to a grizzly bear and wolf ranch early next year, visit the Doinel Gallery, his Facebook page or the artist’s own website.

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