How Brad Wilson came to photograph animals

Brad began his studies in the visual arts at the University of North Carolina, where he studied Art History and Studio Art. He then switched to focussing exclusively on photography at the Photographic Workshops in Maine and Santa Fe, before settling down in New York. Here, he collaborated with many notable photographers, before starting his own career in fine art and commercial photography.

Brad was first established as a commercial portrait photographer for magazines, book publishers and design firms. When he began to feel that much of his photography had become too predictable and routine in 2010, he stopped working with human subjects, instead focussing on animals. It was then that he began a new fine-art project, photographing animals in a studio. This became the series ‘Affinity’, which immediately stood out against the other photos of wildlife or nature, moving provocatively into a new realm of animal portraiture.

His work has appeared in many advertising campaigns, magazines, annual reports and music packages, and has been published internationally. After over 10 years in New York, Brad moved to New Mexico, where he is able to continue with photography while being surrounded by the beautiful and tranquil southwestern deserts.

Of course, Brad has a high regard for animals, saying “It’s an amazing and rare privilege to work with these animals, especially since many of them are seriously endangered and may soon disappear from the earth. I hope in some small way that these photographs can serve as worthy ambassadors for the species they depict, reminding us of our connection to the natural world and to the many compelling creatures that share the planet with us.”

See the ‘Affinity’ series here:


Affinity II

Affinity III

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