Art impacts customers’ first impressions

A good first impression is vital, and is very often a deciding factor in whether a customer will make a purchase or not. A workplace without artwork can appear unkempt, lacking attention to detail and dull, whilst a well decorated room will resonate professionalism, elegance and class.

Art boosts productivity 

A study by the University of Exeter found that allowing employees to personalise their workspaces with art not only improved health and happiness, it also led to a 32% increase in productivity.

Dr Craig Knight, who conducted the research as part of his PhD and is now Director of PRISM, said “Most contemporary offices are functional and offer very little user control, but our studies suggest this practice needs to be challenged. When people feel uncomfortable in their surroundings they are less engaged – not only with the space but also with what they do in it. If they can have some control, that all changes and people report being happier at work, identifying more with their employer, and are more efficient when doing their jobs.”

Art inspires creativity

Bland white walls resonate none of the motivation or passion that a captivating artwork does, more likely to cause a mental blocks and hinder creativity and motivation. Research has shown that artwork makes both employees and customers feel more calm in the workplace, leading to better work satisfaction and engagement. An article in Virtual Strategy Magazine stated that “innovative art installations can lead to innovation in turn. Employees are more likely to feel inspired and motivated in an office that demonstrates innovation visually, and art is the easiest way to do that.”

Art reflects brand image

Art is one of the most concrete ways of reflecting the company’s image, and can therefore be customised to project the values that the company wants to emphasise to its customers and employees, affecting the way in which the company is perceived. The presence of carefully chosen artwork portrays a brand that cares about their employees’ experience, as well as the experience of their clients and customers, to maintain a space that encourages employees to be be original and expressive in the place they spend the majority of their days.

After deciding on the perfect artwork for your workplace, the next most important decision will be choosing what will surround and structure your artwork; the frame.

Read our blog to find out how to chose the perfect frame for your new artwork:

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